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Drive of 474 Yards Ball Tops 1st Volvik WLD Championship Qualifier


Drive of 474 Yards With Volvik Ball Tops 1st Volvik World Long Drive Championship Qualifier
California was the first stop of the year for 2017 Volvik World Long Drive Championship local qualifying. Big names and fresh faces were spotted up and down the range at Hawk’s Landing Golf Club, all hoping to grab one of four  Volvik World Long Drive Championship invitations.
Four competitors hit at the same time playing different color Volvik golf balls (Orange, Green, Pink and Yellow) in their 95-compression Vista iV model. The new official golf ball of World Long Drive, the VIVID XT, will be launched later this season on the WLDA.
The Vista iV was the ball used last year for the 2016 qualifying series and in the 2016 Finals, where it the winner of the 2016 WLD won with drives of 439 and 437 yards with Orange and Pink Volvik golf balls. 


In California the longest drive of the qualifying days was a 474 yard bomb, hit with a Vista iV by Kyle Berkshire.

On Day 1, two familiar names to World Long Drive enthusiasts schooled the competition. Kody Zurek and Stan Ramsey were the first two to qualify and earn exemptions to the Volvik World Long Drive Championship at WinStar World Casino & Resort in September.

Zurek advanced from the Winner’s Bracket with drives of 440, 443 and 442 playing Volvik’s Vista iV golf ball with consistency.

Stan Ramsey lost in the first round and was sent to the Loser’s Bracket to fight his way out.  In Round 3, Ramsey mashed a 437 yard drive with the Volvik Vista iV that kept him alive, followed by tape measure shots of 444 and 456 to put him in the round of 8 with the last exemption of day up for grabs. 

Facing two strong hitters in Kyle Blakely and Press LaBrie, both who took it 450+ in their previous rounds, Ramsey unloaded the second longest drive of the day, a 464 yard monster to advance to the Volvik Worlds.


Day 2 of local qualifying at the Endless Summer Invitational welcomed two new faces to World Long Drive. Travis Britt of Santa Monica, California put on a strong performance and advanced out of the Winner’s Bracket by defeating veterans Mitch McDowell (425) and Spencer McDaniel (445) with an impressive drive of 458. Britt would be joined by fellow newcomer Kyle Berkshire who battled out of the Loser’s Bracket with a winning drive of 415 in Round 8.

Once local qualifying was finished, Ben Tuaone defeated Justin James to win the 2017 Endless Summer Invitational.