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Volvik leaves “Vivid” image in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Volvik leaves “Vivid” image in Ann Arbor, Michigan 

By Phyllis C. Barone


Volvik is all about growing the game of golf, and Volvik’s Chairman, Kyung-Ahn Moon, is recognized for helping to grow women’s golf.


“We are grateful to be doing an event in Michigan and feel that Volvik’s presence at Travis Pointe Country Club will continue to contribute to the city of Ann Arbor and the state of Michigan, and grow the excitement of golf and encourage more people to play,” he said.


The Volvik Championship showcased nine of the top 10 LPGA players, and Moon was impressed.

“That generates excitement and will help maximize awareness of Volvik golf balls,” he said.


Presently Volvik’s share in the U.S. is about two percent. It is over 30 percent in Korea and represents about 5 percent of overall global golf ball sales. With the 2016 launch of the Vivid- the world’s first ever matte finish golf ball and the Vibe - a tour ball for every swing speed, Volvik hopes to increase that number to 10 percent.


“Volvik has been quite successful in capturing over 60 percent of golf ball sales for women in South Korea and it wasn’t easy,” Moon said.


Volvik’s strategy, according to Jon Claffey, National Director of Sales and Marketing of Volvik, USA, was to sign on South Korean LPGA players who were open-minded and were not influenced by traditional brands. Those barriers were successfully broken as the crowds witnessed 13 LPGA players teeing it up with Volvik at Travis Pointe.


Volvik is a fun, stylish brand Moon said. “We hope to continue to grow the game as both tour professionals and amateurs embrace the performance of our golf balls,” he said. “Regardless of the colors or the style of the ball, this ball performs so we believe that our market share for men will grow.”


PGA Tour players Craig Stadler (Vibe white), John Huston (Vibe yellow), Tim Petrovic (Vivid orange and yellow) and Travis Bertoni are all on Team Volvik. Golf Tech Research supports that 50 percent of golfers are willing to play with colored golf balls. Volvik now has five different colors on Tour and has more colored golf balls in play on Tour (over 800) than any other brand.


Moon complimented Travis Pointe and the superior playing opportunities they offered the players all week during the Volvik Championship.


Volvik granted Sarah Hoffman, a local Saline favorite who grew up playing Travis Pointe, an exemption to play in the Volvik Championship and Moon believes that had Sarah made the cut, the crowds would have been off the charts.

“But we will have to wait until next year,” Moon said and smiled.