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Bunkers Paradise Review: Volvik Golf Balls are the Real Deal!

Golf Review: Volvik Golf Balls are the Real Deal!


Brand Volvik

GOLF REVIEW: Volvik Golf Balls—A High Performance Golf Ball

Written by Kate Hughes—LPGA Pro and Staff Writer for Bunkers Paradise

VOLVIK Golf Ball Review

To be perfectly honest, I did not know much about the Volvik brand or their golf balls. My internal perception prior to trying the balls was slightly skeptical…I simply thought the ball was one of those that is made with a rainbow of colors and just to be kind of a ‘show’ ball. But I totally stand corrected. Never ever judge a book by the cover or what you might think you know or know you don’t know about a ball.

When I look for a ball to play, I am very specific on how it feels, its spin control and how it performs overall. Volvik had to take the The Kate Challenge!!! I passed with flying colors.

I had the chance to play both the Vista iV and the Crystal Volvik balls and both are very different with how they performed on the course




The Volvik Vista iV comes in a variety of colors to suit your taste. You can choose the classic white ball or a pink or yellow look that has a great splash on the course (fairways and greens…not the hazard!!)

You can tell by just looking at the ball that it is durable and even after playing 3 rounds with the same ball (yes, I didn’t lose it), it still looks almost brand new. There are a couple of areas that it appears as though the first layer of ‘skin’ has come off, but after 3 rounds, it is still holding up well enough that I may play the entire summer with it!

The dimple pattern of the Volvik Vista iV has a nice eye popping look with a variety of different sizes. This makes for a very handsome golf ball.

The Volvik Crystal is a ball with some serious bling!!! This particular ball comes in 9 different genuine crystal looking colors to truly touch on the mood you are in when you arrive at the course. It really stands out as a glistening sun, but not too much that it scares you to hit it. However, it’s look can become your knight in ‘shining armor’ as it may just intimidate your opponents…not a bad thing at all!!

In addition, the Volvik Crystal has a very impactful dimple pattern that you can just tell the developers and designer made sure that all the Volvik golf balls look good and perform as good as they look.

THE LOOK SCORE: VERY HIGH for both Volvik iV and Volvik Crystal


Clubhead meets Volvik


With the Volvik Vista iV, the feel was amazing to me. I felt the ball roll up and explode off the clubface. This ball is definitely for a lower handicap player as it has both a soft and hard feel to it. What this means to me is that it has that nice soft feel around the greens to enable me to control the ball, but also the hardness to take flight from the tee or fairway and cut through the air like a knife. The Volvik Vista iV is a four-piece ball that gives me a real sense of being able to take it to Old Man Par.

The Volvik Crystal is a bit softer in its feel and therefore a better fit for someone who swings with a slower swing speed. However, I loved it around the greens for its softness…total control and bite ability. Volvik Crystal is a two-piece low compression ball truly made for the higher handicapper and will allow for a better scoring opportunity. I can really feel crystal ionomer cover with its softness as I put some serious ‘scaring’ on the ball. However, I allowed a dear friend of mine who swings a bit slower and she was simply amazed at the control and feel and shot one of her best rounds. Best of all, she loved the look and the feel!!

THE FEEL SCORE: HIGH for both Volvik Vista iV and Volvik Crystal


Kate and Volvik Ball


But in the end of the looking good and feely good aspects of the ball, how does it truly stand up to the high standard performance requirement of Kate!?

Both the Volvik Vista iV and the Volvik Crystal performed exceptionally well based on making sure it was fit with the right player. I myself fit perfect with the Volvik Vista iV (80-120mph swing speed) and was able to make the ball move in any direction I wanted it to as well as stop on a dime. The spin control was spot on and the velocity and power was impressive. I hit every shot in the book to see if I could find fault, but was unable to do so.

The Volvik Crystal is for a high handicap player with a slower swing speed (60-85mph) and when that match was made, the Volvik Crystal far outweighed my expectations and that of my friend. She is so excited that she is changing her choice of golf balls to play with from this point forward…trust me…that is huge!

Both the Volvik iV and the Volvik Crystal really score high with regards to driver distance, short iron spin control, trajectory and accuracy.

THE PERFORMANCE SCORE: VERY HIGH for both the Volvik Vista iV and the Volvik Crystal

Final thoughts:

IMG_3849We all continue to search for a piece of our golf equipment that can give us the edge over other or simply over our ‘old’ selves. The Volvik golf balls are amazing with their overall feel and performance. I was impressed and I will admit that I did play multiple colors and that was a new thing for me. A traditionalist at heart when it comes to golf; but I was able to overcome that internal obstacle with the bright Volvik golf balls.

I am a firm believer in this ball and give it a high recommendation for all of you out there to give it a try. I think you will be very pleased with your choice in reaching in your bag and competing with the Volvik brand golf ball.


‘keep smiling and always believe’

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