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Volvik To Launch Softest Ball in DS-55 at PGA Show

Volvik To Launch Their Softest Ball in New DS-55 at 2017 PGA Show


Volvik, the #1 Color Golf Ball on Tour, announced today the company will launch their new DS-55 extreme distance golf balls at the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show January 25-27.

The DS-55 is the latest version of the DS (Dual Spin) series by Volvik. The first in the DS series was the DS-77, a popular 77-compression distance ball that specialized in performing like a low spinning distance ball off the tee that increased in spin the closer the golfer got to the green.  Volvik has produced the same results with the DS-55, but this time around they have produced their softest ball ever at a 55 compression.


“We are now offering the best in feel and spin rates, meaning the ball is travelling long and straight off the driver while providing tour pro like drop and stop spin on approach shots, all while providing the soft feel that consumers are seeking in today’s golf ball market,”  said Volvik USA National Director of Sales and Marketing Jon Claffey.

The DS series was made to address the most common problems among amateur golfers. By reducing side spin, slices and hooks are reduced for increased accuracy and longer distance. This golf ball is designed for moderate swing speed players needing help with side spin reduction and more distance. The DS in the name of the ball stands for DualSpin core technology featured in the golf ball. The 55 portion of the name is the compression of the golf ball. 

“We’ve become very adept at making low driver spin rates and higher spin rates as you move into the green with short irons,” said Claffey “This is the #1 premise behind the technology of the DS-55 and DS-77.  The idea was to perform more like a tour ball around the green (DS-77 independently tested with a 7040 RPM with an 8-iron) and a distance ball off the tee (DS-77 independently tested with a 2800 RPM off the driver).  That’s a big disparity in spin rates for a distance ball. We are seeing the exact same type of disparity in spin rates in the DS-55, which just happens to have the best feel you may ever experience with a golf ball.”

The DS-77 became known as the hole-in-one ball after Volvik created a hole-in-one challenge that paid $500 to anyone who could prove a hole-in-one with a DS-77. The popular contest yielded 23 official hole-in-one winners and winners have been reported from every part of the country. All in all, 17 winners were men and six have been female covering 12 different states.

World leading technology makes Volvik and the DS-55 golf balls some of the most innovative and forward thinking in the marketplace. The DSS-55 will begin shipping to Volvik retailers on March 15, 2017 and will carry a MAP price of $19.99. It will be available in White and Yellow.

• Features a high COR for maximum ball speed and a 55 compression to reduce driver spin, resulting in extreme distance
• High velocity core for maximum ball speed
• Low driver-spin and longer impact time increases distance and minimizes unnecessary side-spin
• DualSpin core produces less driver spin off the tee and more greenside spin with wedges

• Soft core produces a pleasant soft feel and more accurate shot control and an excellent, extremely soft putting feel 


About Volvik

Volvik is the #1 Color Golf Ball on Tour with over 75 professionals using Volvik's ultra high-performance color golf balls on the world's professional tours. Since 2012, players using Volvik golf balls have earned over $9 million in prize money on the PGA TOUR, LPGA Tour, Champions Tour, Web.com Tour, Ladies European Tour, LAGT and Symetra Tour with 15 victories and over 130 Top 10 finishes.

Volvik is also now the official golf ball of World Long Championship Drive championships and qualifying series. The winner of the 2016 WLD won with drives of 439 and 437 yards with orange and pink Volvik golf balls. 

Volvik has experienced more color golf balls in play on the world's professional tours than any other manufacturer in the history of golf. Volvik is dedicated to the production of specialized 3- and 4-piece multi-layer golf balls that feature 41 worldwide patents.

In over 35 years of golf ball production, Volvik has developed a reputation based on highly innovative development, quickly becoming one of the most significant and trusted golf ball manufacturers in the world.