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4 of the latest hole-in-one’s made with Volvik golf balls!!

Check out the stories behind 4 of the latest hole-in-one’s made with Volvik golf balls!!

Congrats to Barry, Ava, Ron and Karen!

Barry Sokol – Green VIVID
Our 65+ year old foursome was participating in a golf scramble to raise money for The King's Academy, a Christian School in Morhsville, Pa on Saturday June 11, 2016 at the Rich Maiden Golf Club in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania. The par three 12th hole at Rich Maiden is known as the "QUARRY" hole because you have to hit the ball about 120 yards to a highly elevated green and over a small quarry. The green surface is not visible from the tee box and we were hitting into a pretty gusty wind. Our first player hit his ball and it dropped into the quarry. He walked down to retrieve his ball, then walked up onto the bridge to watch our remaining shots and to tell us where the balls landed. The next player launched his ball through the trees and the ball landed left of the green leaving a short sided chip to the pin. Our third player hit a shot which landed safely on the middle of the green. As I approached my tee shot I aimed slightly to the right of the pin with my gap wedge and a Volvik Vivid Green golf ball that I just started playing this spring. I hit an off center shot that I thought for sure was going to drop into the quarry. If that ball had been a Pro V or the Srixon XV yellow I usually play, I'm was almost certain they would have fallen short. To my surprise the ball launched high up into the air and bounced up onto the green!! Our team member on the bridge yelled down to us that it looked to be really close to the hole!! It was a prize hole there was a spotter standing behind the green and hollered to our partner on the bridge that the ball went into the hole!! He couldn't believe it because he could still see the ball!! As the wind blew harder and the pin wiggled back and forth, he watched as the ball disappeared into the cup!! It was temporarily wedged between the edge of the hole and the flagstick!! We drove up over the bridge, ran to the hole and there it was, my Green Volvik Vivid laying on the bottom!! We celebrated and high-fived everyone in sight, took pictures and sent them to friends and family!! My FIRST hole in one, at 67 years of age!!! I also won the longest drive that day!! We went on to win the tournament and had a wonderful day that we will never forget. Volvik makes a great golf ball that is highly visible for our aging eyes and I would recommend everyone at least give it a try. You never know, maybe there will be a hole-in-one in store for you!!

Ava Conn – Pink Crystal
I was playing with a group called Public Links of Southern California. This particular tournament in Palm Desert featured 144 women. My hole in one occurred on the 16th hole of the North Course. The pin placement was in the back and over water. I used a rescue club and my Volvik Crystal ball. I love the feel of the ball and the color is so easy to spot. We were called to hit by the 4 some in front of us. Unfortunately, the green had shadows and I did not get to see the ball drop, but my friends screamed I had a hole in one. This is my first one and the word travelled. The celebration continued during our lunch and with 144 women, the cost was 250.00!!!!! It was all worth it. Oh yes the course name is Indian Canyon. Of course I will always use a Volvik ball, my good luck charm. Everyone that knows me heard about the event on Facebook and anywhere else I could shout. It was such a thrill; one I will never forget!!!!! I love my Volvik Balls.

Ron Perry – Pink VIVID
My hole in one was a par 3, 131 yards and I used a pitching wedge. The pin was on the front and I hit the ball straight at the flag and it landed on the fringe and rolled up and we say that wonderful pink Volvik ball fall right in the cup and disappear!!! I had two of my buddies with me that play all the time and all three of us saw it fall in. We all looked at each other and yelled out, while we were jumping up and down. The ball I was using was a ProV1 and I switched to the Volvik Vivid pink ball about two weeks ago and I am hitting the ball about 10-15 yards longer and straighter. Plus, you can see that pink ball like the pro tracer on the Golf Channel. I absolutely love that ball!!!! Thank you so much for making a great product. I am a Volvik user for life!!!

Karen Reynolds – Orange Crystal
I can’t tell you how excited I am that it happened. My first hole in one happened on April 26 on the 17th hole at the Country Club of Brewton (Alabama). I hit a Callaway 5 iron 127 yards with a Volvik Crystal Orange ball. I am a female, age 70, who started playing golf once a week after I retired about 7 years ago. I have been playing more this past year. I never thought I would ever hit a hole in one with a 32 handicap! My friends - Kay Slocum, Cheryl Najors, and Sonyee Peak witnessed it, and I think everyone on the course heard us!!! I usually like to play with a colored ball. Kay had some Volvik balls and said to try them I did. I love playing with them and now have a hole in one!

Janet Rogalski – Orange Crystal
On June 19 I got my first hole in one on the 6th hole at Beverly Golf and Tennis in Beverly MA, my home course. The hole is 149 yards and I used an Orange Volvik (my favorite color Volvik ball) and my 9 wood. I wasn't sure at first that it went in the hole, but then my friends who were on the next tee box starting screaming "it's in the hole"! After my round, I of course went into the 19th hole and bought the drinks! It was great fun and people kept coming up to me and congratulating me. Eve my husband who is not a golfer was very excited and emailed all our friends. I started using Volvik balls earlier this season and truly love the feel of them, both off the driver and putting. I also think that they are helping to make me a more consistent golfer and went out and bought another box on the way home that day!