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New Article Featuring VIVID: The Recreational Golfer Kit


The Recreational Golfer Kit – Gear for A Different Kind of Golfer



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Some people actually play golf for fun.

Crazy notion, I know! These “golfers” don’t head to the course thinking about swing mechanics, handicaps, or MOI. Some don't even keep score, They just want to play golf. They appreciate good shots, an occasional par, and rarest of birdies, but those things are truly secondary to a simpler goal; enjoying time on the golf course. For these guys, golf is no different than going to the movies, spending the day at the beach, riding a bike along a bike trail, or hiking in a park. Playing golf is exactly that. Playing. It's fun, it's not an obsession.

We call these people Recreational Golfers.

The Overlooked Market


While golf companies aren't oblivious to the recreational demographic, they struggle to truly address its needs. TaylorMade took a shot with their Hack Golf program, and then briefly again with the Adams Blue line, but neither concept never really took off, and both have basically been buried since.   

Proving that the recreational golf market is not to be ignored, however, is the incredible success of Top Golf. Golfers go in droves to Top Golf to enjoy the experience of smashing balls at lit up targets, not hone the swing plane or angle of attack. Grab some friends, hit some balls, hoist a beverage (or two, or three), and have some serious fun.

When the recreational crowd sets out to purchase equipment, however, their choices are almost totally limited to golf gear aimed at the more serious golfer. We cover that stuff every day. Today, let’s explore some gear that could enhance the experience of The Recreational Golfer.

Volik Vivid Golf Balls


Why do I think that the Recreational Golfer should play the Volvik Vivid?

They come in bright, fun colors, and that's not just cool, it's functional. The uber bright colors of the Volvik Vivid are extremely easy to find. Let’s face it, the Recreational Golfer is probably going to hit some balls into the rough. These Volvik Vivid balls are beacons in the turf. Though they don’t actually glow, the bright matte colors seem to do just that. Finding your ball just got easier, and that will actually allow you (and everyone behind you) to play faster. Six-hour rounds are not recreational for anyone.

Finally, the Volvik Vivid is that it is a ball that should match up nicely with the swing specs of the Recreational Golfer. I know that everyone on the internet swings at over 110 mph, but the casual player probably swings the driver in the 70’s-90’s mph range. That is the target for the Vivid. It has a soft feel, good distance, good spin, and a price at $30 a dozen that won’t break most banks.