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Volvik VIBE Wins Golf Digest Gold Hot List Award

Volvik VIBE, a Tour Ball For Every Swing Speed, Wins Golf Digest Gold Hot List Award

Volvik, the #1 Color Golf Ball on Tour, announces that Golf Digest has awarded their new VIBE 3-piece Urethane golf ball with a 2016 HOT LIST Gold award. 

The VIBE won Golf Digest's Golf Ball HOT LIST, the third year in the past four that a Volvik golf ball has been named to the annual golf ball HOT LIST.

The VIBE, the softest ball that Volvik has ever manufactured, earned a Gold Medal in the $35 and over category. Golf Digest awarded the VIBE 4 ½ (out of five) for Performance, 4 ½ stars for Feel 4 stars for Innovation, while receiving only 1½ in the demand category. The VIBE is now available at retail for $35.99 per dozen.

The HOT LIST awards for golf balls appears in the magazine's May issue, which hit the newsstands this week. The Golf Digest Ball HOT LIST is a comprehensive evaluation and testing of golf balls that combines feedback from Golf Digest editors, scientists, robot testing and a panel of 20 player testers.

"For the VIBE to win a Gold award while overcoming the consumer demand test criteria should tell you everything you need to know about the performance and feel of this golf ball,” said Volvik USA President Don Shin. "The consumer demand portion usually regulates smaller up-and- coming companies to winning a Silver award.  The strength of how the VIBE feels and plays brought it all the way up to a Gold, proving that the VIBE might just the best of the bunch for the majority of golfers, which includes all the tour-premium golf balls on the market today."

Over $35

Price: $36

This entry features a low compression to make it the company’s softest ball ever. That’s a softer feel for every player, but low-to-medium swing speeds will benefit from its lower spin on tee shots. volvik.com

Performance ★ ★ ★ ★ ½
Innovation ★ ★ ★ ★ 
Feel ★ ★ ★ ★ ½
Demand ★ ½


The VIBE is a Tour quality Urethane golf ball for every skill level and swing speed. Extremely low compression mixed with high grade Urethane makes this 3-piece ball the perfect “soft” option for tour players, advanced golfers and beginners alike. 

Combining a “players” ball with a soft feel off the club face makes the VIBE the perfect combination of distance and straightness off the tee shots due to a low driver spin. The 336-dimple pattern ensures an enhanced flight time and optimal greenside spin and short game control that you would expect from a Urethane 3-piece golf ball. 

The feedback since the launch of the VIBE has been extremely positive. Volvik has received numerous emails from golfers telling us that the VIBE is the best golf ball they have ever played.

Here's an excerpt from one non-solicited email from a golf store manager: "I recently purchased a dozen of your new Vibe golf balls and I must say that these balls are the best balls I have ever used. The incredible distance and extremely soft feel with controllable spin are some of the incredible aspects of the ball."

Here’s another non-solicited email excerpt from a PGA of America golf pro and teacher: “Just finished my first outdoor round with the Vibe ball. Best ball I've ever played. Granted we played improve your lie everywhere and the tees are forward but I made 8 birdies. Sign me up for the Vibe. Great distance and great feel. Played with someone who plays the Chrome Soft and he usually hits it about 5-10 yards past me and outdrove him on almost every hole.”


And yet another expert from mini-tour player: "I have now played 5 rounds with the Vibe golf ball. In two of those I played 1 Vibe ball and 1 ProVx (the ball I usually play). I didn't think that there would be a noticeable difference, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised.
- gained about 8-10yds driving
- gained about 5 -7yds on long irons
- incredible spin and feel on pitch shots and around the greens.
- feels solid off the putter face.
All in all a great golf ball and one that I would certain like to continue playing!"

“We have found something very special with the VIBE,” said Jon Claffey, National Director of Sales and Marketing for Volvik USA. “We reverse engineered another Hot List winner, the S3, our tour ball that is one of the most played models on the LPGA Tour. We lowered the compression from 95 on the S3 to 65 on the VIBE and changed the core, making this the softest ball that we have ever made. Because it derives from our very low-driver spin/high-wedge spin S3, the VIBE brought along those very important traits along with it. What you have with the VIBE is an extremely soft ball that any player can compress, the familiar feel of high quality Urethane and extremely low driver spin rates that keep the ball straight and long. Around the green, it features tour professional control. Once you try the VIBE, you’ll see why this will soon be the golf ball everyone is talking about.”

The VIBE  - Very Intelligent Ball Engineering by Volvik

Ultra Soft, Tour Quality Urethane for Every Player

·       Extremely Low 65-Compression For Soft Feel/Tour Quality Cover

·       Straighter, More Consistent Shots Produced by Low Driver Spin, 3-Piece Construction

·       Powerful Driving Force Produces Greater Energy Transfer By Power Core

·       Soft Urethane Feel That Easily Compresses For Medium to Fast Swing Speeds

·       Enhanced Flight Time Produced By Reduced Aerodynamic Drag In Flight By 336-Quasi-Cubotahedron Dimple Pattern

·       Optimal Greenside Spin And Short Game Control by 3-piece Double Cover Design

·       Available in Yellow and White


About Volvik

Volvik is the #1 Color Golf Ball on Tour with over 75 professionals using Volvik's ultra high-performance color golf balls on the world's professional tours. Since 2012, players using Volvik golf balls have earned over $9 million in prize money on the PGA TOUR, LPGA Tour, Champions Tour, Web.com Tour, Ladies European Tour, LAGT and Symetra Tour with 14 victories and over 125 Top 10 finishes.

Volvik has experienced more color golf balls in play on the world's professional tours than any other manufacturer in the history of golf. 

Volvik is dedicated to the production of specialized 3- and 4-piece multi-layer golf balls that feature 41 worldwide patents. In over 35 years of golf ball production, Volvik has developed a reputation based on highly innovative development, quickly becoming one of the most significant and trusted golf ball manufacturers in the world.