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23rd $500 DS-77 Hole-in-One Winner Caps Off Popular Campaign

Volvik Announces 23rd $500 Hole-in-One Winner To Cap Off Popular Campaign
Volvik announces the 23rd and last hole-in-one of their $500 Volvik DS-77 Hole-in-One Challenge. 
Mark Malinoski of Colorado experienced the first ace of his 15 year golfing career on Sept. 7 with a Volvik DS-77 golf ball.
He made the shot from 104 yards with his gap wedge on hole #3 of Black Bear Golf Club in Parker, Colorado. Malinoski had purchased the DS-77 at the PGA TOUR SUPERSTORE in Aurora at an event that featured a meet and greet with Volvik staff player Craig Stadler.
“I bought the DS-77 at PGA Tour Superstore while the Walrus was there signing autographs,” said Malinoski. “The balls were in my car for a while and finally I started playing them before an upcoming tournament and I noticed that my drives started going a lot further. Friends were noticing and I was getting a lot more roll out and I hit 11 out of 14 fairways in one of my first rounds with the new ball. It works great!”
“I’m a club member at Black Stone and we were playing at its sister course Black Bear, a Club Corp, property,” said Malinoski. “We were playing in a Red, White, and Blue Challenge, a modified Stableford event. On the third hole, from the red tees I lined up with my gap wedge just to the right of the hole. I hit the ball flush and it was tracking the entire time. The ball hit short and right of the pin and preceded to roll to the left and into the cup. It was really cool to watch it go in as so many of the par 3s at Blackstone are blind shots. I stood on the tee box and waited for it to reappear beyond the flag stick but it never did. A foursome on #8 watched it go in and started yelling and hollering. That's when I realized it was in the hole!  I’m 52 years old and this is my 1st hole-in-one. I’ve been playing golf for 15 years. We jumped up and down and gave high fives all around.”
When asked if he would continue to play the DS-77 golf ball, Malinoski stated, “Oh heck yeah. I’ve gained an extra 30 yards of roll out, why should I pay $5 per golf ball when I have exactly what I need with this ball?”
Malinoski made his hole-in-one just in time to be the last hole-in-one of the year-long national contest for Volvik. The contest expired Sept. 15, but company officials indicated that they are working on a way to revive the popular contest.
“We’re looking in how we can keep the energy from this amazing contest going in 2016,” said National Director of Sales and Marketing Jon Claffey. ”This contest really put the DS-77 on the map, we attribute it to opening over 200 new distribution points for the DS-77. The contest was a catalyst for hundreds of golfers switching to the DS-77, what we consider to be the biggest bang for your buck ball available in golf. It truly is a 2-piece ball that acts like a distance ball off the tee and a tour ball around the greens. We have something special with this ball and the hole-in-one challenge gave us the ability to prove that to a lot of golfers. Be on the look-out for what’s next for this golf ball and the next possible iteration of the DS-77 hole-in-one challenge!”
There have been 23 official hole-in-one winners and winners have been reported from every part of the country. All in all, 17 winners have been men and six have been female covering 12 different states: (7 Florida, 3 Arizona, 3 California, 2 South Carolina, 1 North Carolina, 1 Mississippi, 1 Iowa, 1 New Jersey, 1 Connecticut, 1 Minnesota, 1 Wisconsin, 1 Colorado.)
#1, #3 Two of the first three aces of the contest were both made at Sun N’ Lake Golf Club in Sebring, FL. The hole-in-ones happened 10 days apart, but on different golf courses The aces were made by Sun N’ Lake regulars Joe Bowditch and Pat Dell. Both golfers are in their 60’s and were using a Yellow DS-77 golf ball. 
#2 Hole-in-one #2 was made by Nghi Le at the Fallen Oaks course at Beau Ridge Resort in Saucier, Mississippi on November 16. Le hit his Orange DS-77 162 yards into the hole using a 7-iron.
#4 The 4th hole-in-one took place December 21 in Arizona. Dan Parisi of Scottsdale recorded his 3rd hole-in-one in his 25 year of golfing with a Yellow DS-77.  The $500 winning shot took place on hole #8 at Ahwatukee Country Club. Parisi was using a 22-degree 4-wood on the 220 yard Par-3.
#5 DS-77 Challenge hole-in-one #5 went to Eunjoo Lee on December 30. Lee was the first woman to win the $500 Challenge. She hit an Orange DS-77 directly into the hole with a 9-iron on a 115-yard Par 3 at West Ridge Golf Course in La Habra, CA.
#6 The 6th hole-in-one of the contest happened Jan. 5 when Zeke Robertson holed out from 96 yards on hole #5 of Silo Run Golf Course in Boonesville, North Carolina.
#7 The 7th hole-in-one with a Volvik DS-77 was made by Do Yeon Kim on January 17. Kim made the hole-out with a 7-wood from 167 yards on hole #11 at Northwood Golf Club, the same facility that Volvik LPGA Tour staffer Mi Hyang Lee practices out of in Columbia, South Carolina. Kim plays the White DS-77. The 20-handicap Kim has been golfing for 10 years and this was his first ever hole-in-one.
#8 On January 26, hole-in-one #8 went to Richard Haug of Chandler, Arizona and his White DS-77 golf ball. This was the 2nd hole-in-one of the Challenge to take place in Arizona. Haug hit a 7-iron from 131 yards on hole #4 of Whirlwind Golf Club.
#9 DS-77 Challenge hole-in-one #9 went to Gigi Roberts of Orlando, Fla. when she holed out her Orange DS-77 with a 4-hybrid from 141 yards at Rio Pinar Country Club, an Integrity Golf managed golf course.
#10 The 10th hole-in-one of the national contest happened March 1 when Felipe Garcia holed out with a gap wedge from 95 yards on hole #4 of Arcadia Golf Course in Arcadia, Calif.
#11 On March 5, U.S. Military Afghanistan war veteran and combat wounded warrior Robert McIntyre made the 11th hole-in-one of the DS-77 Challenge at The Ridge at Kings Ridge Golf Course in Clermont, Fla. McIntyre aced his White DS-77 logoed with a Fairways for Warriors logo from an event Volvik sponsored at Eagle Creek Golf Club. McIntyre hit the shot with a 7-iron from 122 yards on hole #7 at The Ridge, another Integrity Golf managed property.
#12 DS-77 Challenge hole-in-one #12 went to Dave Humphreys of Minot, North Dakota on March 11 when he holed out an Orange DS-77 with a 8-iron from 170 yards at Dobson Ranch Golf Course in Mesa, Arizona.
#13 The 13th hole-in-one of the national contest happened March 21 when Janet Abrams holed out her Yellow DS-77 with a 5-wood from 147 yards on hole #6 of the Callawasie Island Magnolia course in Okatie, South Carolina.
#14 Pamela Howell of Port Orange, FL made her hole-in-one with a Yellow Volvik DS-77 golf ball. Howell made her second-ever hole-in-one with a 108-yard ace on the 6th hole of Crane Lakes Golf and Country Club.
#15 Hole-in-One #15 occurred on April 25th at Scholl Canyon Golf Club in Glendale, CA when Alex King holed out from 104 yards on hole #18 with an Orange DS-77.
#16 On May 17th Jackie Chechile hit an Orange DS-77 with a driver directly into the hole on the 126-yard Hole #12 at Fairways Golf Club in Orlando, Florida. 
#17 On June 7, Larry Fusco holed out with a 7-iron from 153 yards with a White DS-77 on Hole #7 of the Virginia course on Mallory Hill Country Club in The Villages, Florida. A few hours later, he hit his 2nd hole-in-one of the day with the same golf ball on the 130 yard 8th hole of the Amanda course at Malory Hill.
#18 Hole-in-one #18 took place at Tollwood Country Club in Hebron, Connecticut when 71-year-old golf professional David Lindbom holed out from 165 yards out with 6-iron. It was the 24th hole-in-one for Lindbom. 
#19 The #19 hole-in-one of the contest came on June 20 when Dennis Coon hit his White DS-77 into the cup with a pitching wedge on the 112-yard Par 3 Hole 7 at 5X80 Country Club in Menlo, Iowa.
#20 Hole-in-One #20 also came on came June 20th when Linda Calhoun hit a Yellow DS-77 into the hole with a 6-Hybrid on the Par 3 13th, a 129 yard hole of Fiddlers Elbow Country Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.
#21 On June 28, Charlie O’Rourke made a $500 winning hole-in-one at Dodge Point Country Club in Mineral Point, Wisc. on the 137 yard hole #18 with a Yellow DS-77
#22 On July 10 at Como Golf Course in St. Paul, Minn., Earl Gurtner hit an Orange DS-77 in the hole from 138 yards away using his 7-iron.
#23 Mark Malinoski of Colorado experienced the first ace of his 15 year golfing career on Sept. 7 with a Volvik DS-77 golf ball. He made the shot from 104 yards with his gap wedge on hole #3 of Black Bear Golf Club in Parker, Colorado. Malinoski had purchased the DS-77 at the PGA TOUR SUPERSTORE in Aurora at an event that featured a meet and greet with Volvik staff player Craig Stadler.
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