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Latest DS-77 Hole-in-One, Extension of Challenge to Sept. 15

Volvik Announces Latest Hole-in-One, Extension of DS-77 Hole-in One Challenge to Sept. 15

Volvik announces that Pamela Howell of Port Orange, FL made the latest $500 winning hole-in-one in their DS-77 Hole-in-One Challenge. Her hole-in-one with a Yellow Volvik DS-77 golf ball was the 14th confirmed winning hole-in-one since the national contest began in September.

Due to the extreme popularity of the hole-in-one challenge, Volvik is also announcing the extension of the contest to Sept. 15, 2015 an extension of almost three months from the original June 30 contest end date.

Howell made her second hole-in-one with a 108-yard ace on the 6th hole of Crane Lakes Golf and Country Club.

“I shot the best round of my life,” said Howell. “When I got to the hole, I said to myself ‘I am going to try something different on this hole’ because it’s a hole I don’t usually reach. I used my 7-wood and the ball hit the front of the green, it took a couple bounces and rolled into the hole. I have to say that the Volvik ball has given me more distance. Where I used to be short, now I’m getting over.”

Here's Pamela Howell with her winning Yellow DS-77, the14th winner of the DS-77 Hole-in-One Challenge!

Don’t Forget to Pre-Register for the Contest!

Several hole-in-ones have been reported to Volvik from golfers who did not pre-register for the contest at www.volvik.com/hole-in-one, either because they were not aware of the contest or because they forgot to visit the website after acquiring the DS-77. Recently, Nancy Homer of San Diego made a hole-in-one at Morgan Run Club & Resort with an Orange DS-77 and found out after the fact about the $500 contest.


Congratulations to Nancy Homer, who had a hole-in-one with an Orange DS-77!

It's too bad Nancy was not pre-registed for the contest! Make sure you pre-register at volvik.com/hole-in-one

“We’ve had four aces that we know of that were not able to be a part of the DS-77 hole-in-one challenge,” said Jon Claffey, National Director of Sales and Marketing for Volvik USA. “We always commemorate anyone who can prove that they have had a hole-in-one with a Volvik ball, but if you want to be a $500 winner in the DS-77 Hole-In-One Challenge, the two most important of the rules is that you pre-register first and that the hole is over 95 yards.”

All 14 hole-in-ones have been confirmed through the rules of the contest as all golfers had pre-registered at www.volvik.com/hole-in-one and each filled out the proper paper work naming their witness and providing proof that they played golf that day. Each hole was beyond the 95-yard requirement and occurred in regular stroke play. The Volvik DS-77 Hole-in-One Challenge began September 15, 2014 and it now goes until Sept. 15, 2015. To read the full rules of the contest, please visit www.volvik.com/hole-in-one.

"To our knowledge this is the first time a manufacturer has rolled out a contest that rewards the golfer for making a hole-in-one with their equipment," said Claffey. "The idea came to us after we saw the how many hole-in-one reports we were seeing with Volvik golf balls. We were getting two or three reports of hole-in-ones being made with Volvik golf balls almost every week. We realized we have the perfect hole-in-one ball with the DS-77 and we wanted to reward all the golfers making a hole-in-one with our product."

The DS-77 is Volvik's new extreme distance ball that is designed to perform with more spin on the ball around the greens. The DS in the name stands for Dual Spin as the ball is made to be long off the tee with reduced sidespin with more spin on the greens, making it the perfect hole-in-one ball. It is available in Yellow, Orange and White and retails for $22.99 a dozen. There is no purchase necessary of the DS-77, but it must be the ball in play for the hole-in-one. The contest is not valid in Rhode Island or New York.

"Golfers get multiple chances to win as every time they play they will have four shots at it so the odds are much greater than the usual one-shot hole-in-one events,” said Claffey. "This is a really great performing golf ball that has tested with 10% more greenside spin compared to the other leading soft compression balls on the market. People will have a lot of fun with this ball."

14 $500 Winners So Far

November 11th  - Joe Bowditch - Sun N Lake/ Deer Run Sebring FL

November 16th - Nghi Le - Fallen Oaks at Beau Ridge Resort Saucier, MS

November 21st  - Pat Dell  - Sun "N Lake/ Turtle Run Sebring FL

December 21st - Dan Parisi  - Ahwatukee Country Club Phoenix, AZ

December 30th  - Eunjoo Lee - West Ridge Golf Course  La Habra, CA.

January 5th  - Zeke Robertson - Silo Run Golf Course Boonesville, NC

January 17th  - Do Yeon Kim - Northwood Golf Club Columbia, SC. 

January 26th  - Richard Haug - Whirlwind Golf Club Chandler AZ

February 22nd  - Gigi Roberts - Rio Pinar Country Club Orlando FL

March 1st - Felipe Garcia - Arcadia Golf Course Arcadia, CA

March 5th - Robert McIntyre - The Ridge at Kings Ridge Golf Course Clermont, FL

March 11th - Dave Humphreys  - Dobson Ranch Golf Course Mesa, AZ

March 21st  - Janet Abrams - Callawasie Island Magnolia Course Okatie, SC

March 30th -  Pamela Howell - Crane Lakes Golf and Country Club – Port Orange, FL