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4 More $500 Winners in DS-77 Hole-in-One Challenge

Volvik Announces 4 More $500 Winners in DS-77 Hole-in-One Challenge

Volvik announces that four more hole-in-ones were made with Volvik DS-77 golf balls in the Volvik DS-77 Hole-in-One Challenge in the last month.

DS-77 Challenge Hole-in-One #5 went to Eunjoo Lee on December 30. Lee is the first woman to win the $500 Challenge. She hit an Orange DS-77 directly into the hole with a 9-iron on a 115-yard Par 3 at West Ridge Golf Course in La Habra, CA.

“About two months ago, I chose the Orange DS-77 at an event Volvik was putting on,” said Lee. “I usually preferred to play with a White ball, but I love the darker Orange of the DS-77. I have definitely gained some distance with the DS-77. The weather was not great; windy and bit chilly and my shots were off overall. I hit a 9-iron on 116 yards hole. It rolled right in the hole. It was my first hole in one in California. I celebrated with friends afterwards.”


The 6th Hole-in-One of the contest happened Jan. 5 when Zeke Robertson holed out from 96 yards on hole #5 of Silo Run Golf Course in Boonesville, North Carolina.

“This was my third hole-in-one," said Robertson. “ It was sort of a chilly day and the pin was in the back of the green. When it hit the undulated green, no one could tell if it went off the back of the green or not. On the ride up my partner said ‘I believe that went in the hole.’ And when we got up there, there it was, right in the cup. I had received the ball at Celebration Golf Club in Florida at an event that Volvik was putting on. This DS-77 is a great ball. Usually on this hole I would be well short of the back of the green. I’ve gained 8-10 yards on my drives. “

The 7th Hole-in-One with a Volvik DS-77 since Sept. 15 was made by Do Yeon Kim on Jan.17. Kim made the hole-out with a 7-wood from 167 yards on hole #11 at Northwood Golf Club, the same facility that Volvik LPGA Tour staffer Mi Hyang Lee practices out of in Columbia, South Carolina. Kim plays the White DS-77. The 20 handicap Kim has been golfing for 10 years and this was his first ever hole-in-one.

“I usually like to play with White golf ball, but Orange has been my favorite lately,” said Kim. “It was great weather to play golf. The hole was a 167-yard Par 3. I used a 7-wood. The ball contact felt very smooth and the direction of the ball flight was going straight to the flag. I thought that the ball would pop right out since it contacted very front part of the flag but it went straight down to the hole and stayed there. My friends collected $30 to congratulate me, however, I ended up spending over $600 for celebration party afterwards!”


On January 26, Hole-in-One #8 went to Richard Haug of Chandler, Arizona and his White DS-77 golf ball. This is the 2nd Hole-in-One of the Challenge to take place in Arizona. Haug hit a 7-iron from 131 yards on hole #4 of Whirlwind Golf Club.

“Each year for the last three years my friend Joel Bosch and I play with two friends and from North Dakota,” said Haug. “The first round of the three days that we play I had made tee-times at 11:33 at Whirlwind Golf Course in Chandler, Arizona. On the third hole, which is a par 5, I hit a Volvik DS-77 in the desert and couldn't find it so in disgust took another ball (not a Volvik DS-77) out of my bag and finished the hole. I noticed the ball that I finished the hole with was not a Volvik DS-77 and then searched through the balls in my bag and found another Volvik DS-77 as the 4th hole was a Par 3. I told the guys that I would get $500 if I was using the Volvik DS-77 and got a hole in one. According to my range finder is was 131 yards to the pin. I used a 7-iron and hit it good. It bounced once on the green and then rolled out into the hole. Of course we all celebrated with high fives. A little side note is that Joel Bosch also had a hole in one on number 14, but was not playing a Volvik DS-77 ball. I told him he just left $500 on the table.”

All eight hole-in-ones have been confirmed through the rules of the contest as all golfers had pre-registered at www.volvik.com/hole-in-one and each filled out the proper paper work naming their witness and providing proof that they played golf that day. Each hole was beyond the 95-yard requirement and occurred in regular stroke play. The Volvik DS-77 Hole-in-One Challenge began September 15, 2014 and goes until June 30, 2015. To read the full rules of the contest, please visit www.volvik.com/hole-in-one.

"To our knowledge this is the first time a manufacturer has rolled out a contest that rewards the golfer for making a hole-in-one with their equipment," said Jon Claffey, National Director of Sales and Marketing for Volvik USA. "The idea came to us after we saw the how many hole-in-one reports we were seeing with Volvik golf balls. We were getting two or three reports of hole-in-ones being made with Volvik golf balls almost every week. We realized we have the perfect hole-in-one ball with the DS-77 and we wanted to reward all the golfers making a hole-in-one with our product."

The DS-77 is Volvik's new extreme distance ball that is designed to perform with more spin on the ball around the greens. The DS in the name stands for Dual Spin as the ball is made to be long off the tee with reduced sidespin with more spin on the greens, making it the perfect hole-in-one ball. It is available in Yellow, Orange and White and retails for $22.99 a dozen. There is no purchase necessary of the DS-77, but it must be the ball in play for the hole-in-one. The contest is not valid in Rhode Island or New York.

"Golfers get multiple chances to win as every time they play they will have four shots at it so the odds are much greater than the usual one-shot hole-in-one events,” said Claffey. "This is a really great performing golf ball that has tested with 10% more greenside spin compared to the other leading soft compression balls on the market. People will have a lot of fun with this ball."


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