Volvik S3 White Color Ball Review


Recently on my trip to Myrtle Beach over the Memorial Day weekend, I was able to test out the new S3 White Color by Volvik. I have played the Vista iV by Volvik before and will say that the new S3 White Color performs as well as the Vista iV in my own opinion. Here are some highlights about the ball from the company before I get into how the ball played for me. 

• The White Color S3 is a premium, next-level ultra-performance “super” ball that is the first of its kind to the US market.

• In play by Tim Petrovic on the PGA Tour and several of Volvik’s LPGA Tour staff, the White Color S3 is a new tour ball that has everyone talking.  

• The name White Color derives from the fact that the golf ball is a hybrid of a white and color golf ball. A white base with a proprietary pearlescent color makes this a color ball for even the most traditional golfer, providing better visibility in light. 

• The S3 utilizes a reinforced high-grade Urethane cover that provides the perfect soft feel and optimal spin rates.  

• The White Color S3 is powered by a Bismuth enhanced power core that optimizes distance by transferring the power from the more solid inner core to the softer outer layer, a unique technology used in all of Volvik’s golf ball innovation.  

• The S3 retails at a price of $44.99. 

I can see why so many players on the Symetra Tour, LPGA and Tim Petrovic of the PGA Tour are playing this ball. So far this season the S3 White Color has earned 2 Wins, 7 Top 5′s, 10 Top 10′s, 35 Top 25′s on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Web.com Tour and Symetra Tour to date. This ball really does perform to back up the numbers.  


For me this ball really did shine not just in performance but in looks too. Like mentioned above, the new “White Color” as it is called is fantastic. The white paint with the pearlescent color added in, allows the ball to be highly visible and easy to find and brings attention to your eye which allowed me to see and hit the ball better, or least felt like I could focus on the ball better. The pearl color in the white paint really shines without being glaring when the sun hits it and white shows up great on the fairways and greens.

Like other balls that I have tested so far for #BallWars it is also a 3 piece ball with an urethane cover on it that gives you that soft feel off the clubs that you need and the spin and control around the greens. The ball also really comes off clubs nice, as well as, I had no issues with distance, even playing at sea level compared to back around the piedmont area of North Carolina. I didn’t seem to notice any distance loss that you normally have when playing at sea level which was a plus.


The course we played had quite a bit of water, the 1st and 18th holes run along the Intracoastal Waterway and you can see the beach and dunes from the holes leading into the ocean, so the course had its fair share of water. Even with the ponds that luckily for me were fairly clear, when I hit the ball into a few ponds the pearl color in the white paint helped the ball standout and be visible to see and recover. Unfortunately for my buddy that was playing with me, he wasn’t using the S3 White Color and we couldn’t find quite a few balls that he hit in the water.

Anyone that is not familiar with the Volvik brand should really check into their products as they have several models to suit players games and believe this new S3 White Color would be an awesome ball to fit almost all players and swing speeds. The ball just stops on a dime on the greens as well. Need a ball that doesn’t sacrifice distance off the tee box or long clubs, but need the feel and control around the green, then you should definitely give the new Volvik S3 White Color a try!

Now onto grading this ball out as we only have a few more submissions before #BallWars wraps up the grand finale!

Distance: (A) This ball gets it done with no issues with distance loss, was actually pleasantly surprised that I didn’t get any distance loss at sea level like normal. 

Control: (A) The ball can be stopped on a dime around the greens and be worked however you like. The urethane cover lends to help this. 

Feel: (A) The urethane cover allows this ball to have that softer feel of your tour balls which gives you command around the greens. It feels great off the driver face all the way down to the putter, has that great click you like to hear off the putter. 

Durability: (A) I played 18 holes with a sleeve of them and had no issues with the ball scuffing up off clubs or the ground. Actually had 2 left out the sleeve I used, one had a scratch off a cart path where I bombed one further than expected and other looked new. The 3rd found the drink unfortunately! 

Price: (B) Like some others that have earned the B grading so far in #BallWars this was one of  the more expensive balls that we have used compared to others so far, but it is a tour caliber ball as you can see in the review above by the way it has performed on the pro tours to date. So you get what you pay for, tour quality at a tour price. 


For more details on the new Volvik S3 White Color head over to Volvik.com and while you are there check out their other offerings as well. You can also find them on Facebook at VolvikUSA or on Twitter at@volvikUSA


Golf Life Contributor

Aaron Ellis