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Volvik To Launch New Vista iS Golf Balls At 2014 PGA Show

Volvik To Launch New Vista iS Golf Balls At 2014 PGA Merchandise Show
Orlando, FLA- - Volvik, the #1 Color Golf Ball on Tour, announced today the company will launch their new Vista iS golf balls at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show Wednesday.

The Vista iS golf balls were developed by Volvik's Research and Development team as a softer version to the current 4-piece tour offering, the Vista iV. While the Vista iV and Vista iS both feature a 95 compression and a Zirconium cover, the Vista iS has a Shore D hardness rating of 45, one of the softest in the industry. Zirconium is a strong transition metal that resembles titanium and is used in small amounts as an alloying agent for its strong resistance to corrosion. Volvik is the only golf ball manufacturer who utilizes the Zirconium material in the golf industry, allowing for a golf ball that is softer yet more durable.

This end result is that the Vista iS provides more spin around the greens and a slightly higher ball flight. Optimal spin generated by the more solid inner core creates longer distance off the driver and long irons the spin increases closer to the green due to the firm outer core, producing higher spin for total control.

"The majority of Volvik professionals now choose to play with the new Vista iS ball because of its softer feel and increased spin around the greens," said Jon Claffey, National Director of Sales and Marketing. "The Vista iV is a better ball for those seeking to have one of the most durable and longest golf balls on the market, so if distance and cost efficiency is important to you, the Vista iV is the answer. The Vista iS is a tour prototype made ball for tour players looking for every bit of greenside spin they can get."

The Vista family of 4-piece golf balls provides the best playability for tour players and advanced golfers. Whereas the Vista iV is known for its durability and distance, the Vista iS is known for its increased spin and soft feel. Players using the Vista iS include #17 on the 2013 LPGA Tour money list Chella Choi, #23 on the money list and a winner of the Dubai Ladies Masters on the LET Pornanong Phatlum and #24 on the 2014 LPGA Tour money list and winner of the 2013 Pure Silk-Bahamas LPGA Classic, Ilhee Lee. Web.com Tour player Erik Flores finished the 2013 season ranked 9th in driving distance and gained over 4 yards with the Vista iS. Other professionals that are using the Vista iS include recently signed Volvik staff professionals and Hall of Fame golfer Larry Nelson. 

Since 2012, players using Volvik's Vista golf balls have earned over $5 million on the LPGA Tour, Web.com Tour, Ladies European Tour, LAGT and Symetra Tour with nine victories and 59 Top 10 finishes. Six different players using Vista iS golf balls held the lead of an LPGA or LET round 10 different times this season. Company officials estimate that Volvik has received over $2.5 million in television airtime exposure from their players performing on the tour telecasts.

World leading technology featuring 12 different patents makes the Vista family of golf balls some of the most innovative and forward thinking in the marketplace. Some of the innovation behind the Vista golf balls is detailed below:

• The World's First Patented Dual Core - Volvik's high resilient dual core optimized with its more solid inner core provides high energy transfer of power from the inner core for maximum distance. This world leading technology is the world's first patent and covers the USA, UK, Japan and Korea. The dual core optimizes distance by transferring the power from the more solid inner core to the softer outer layer instead of transferring inertia from a soft inner core to a solid outer layer like the competition. The outer layer also reduces excess driver spin, increasing the moment of inertia and centrifugal force, leading to more distance and more roll.
• Bismuth Mixed Outer Core - The outer core of the golf ball that contributes a great source of power, Bismuth, is compressed in a high temperature heating treatment. Unlike normal metal, Bismuth expands 3-3.5% in volume, leading to greater energy transfer. 
• Zirconium Compound Cover - Zirconium is the base material for ceramic and improves durability of a golf ball cover without sacrificing spin control. Volvik combines zirconium metal in the outer cover to provide exceptional spin control and durability, while the patented elastic inner cover provides an excellent putting feel and optimal spin rates.
• Improved flight stability designed 392 Cube-Octahedron dimple pattern
• Enhanced visibility provided by the brightest colors in golf - Currently, the Vista iV is the only 4-piece tour quality golf ball manufactured in Orange, Green and Pink in the world. Other colors available are Yellow and White. The Vista iS will be available in Yellow and Orange only. 

The Vista iS will begin shipping to retailers on February 1, 2014 and will carry a MAP price of $44.99.